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Thriving in a truly connected world

The more connected your business, the closer you are to being able to see, decide, act—and thrive. Take a look at these connected enterprises—our customer heroes—and learn from their transformation successes.

                    Deutsche Telekom: “Cloud of Things” IoT

The Deutsche Telekom “Cloud of Things” IoT platform powered by Cumulocity IoT allows enterprises to improve the reliability of globally dispersed equipment rapidly and efficiently, markedly improve product innovation and seamlessly adopt new service-based business models.

                    STANLEY-X: Speeding up IoT innovation

The right talent, the right attitude, the right platform—why STANLEY X, the innovation business of Stanley Black & Decker, chose Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT to quickly deliver deployable IoT solutions across the business.

                    TRAILAR: Telematics for a greener world

DHL’s next-gen subsidiary TRAILAR innovates a solution to help commercial vehicles save fuel and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. With real-time streaming analytics, TRAILAR can stream the fuel consumption analytics and integrate and present them simply and clearly to the end customer.

                    Telstra: transforming water management

In drought-prone Australia, Telstra is leveraging Cumulocity IoT to develop a Water Management Solution Accelerator to collect sensor data, create alerts and warn utilities of leaks. The groundbreaking collaboration will establish Telstra as a leader in smart services for utilities.

                    STW: Cleaner London air, thanks to IoT

When the City of London wanted to create the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone, STW was on the job with its customized and branded Cumulocity IoT platform. The results: better flexibility for London and better air for its residents.

                    Hyundai: Driving up auto sales with integration

To manage its 750 car dealers, Beijing Hyundai Motors needs an easy way to keep track of its customers and auto inventory. The missing piece was an integration platform that could keep all their systems in sync.

                    Kiabi: Transforming retail even faster

To keep up in a fast fashion world requires even faster omnichannel solutions. For Kiabi, this was fueled by all-digital processes, seamlessly connected IT systems and partner-friendly APIs. Agility is in this season.

                    Colruyt: Unveiling digital projects at speed

Colruyt launched its "mobile readiness" program in 2018, it relied on APIs to expose its data across devices and applications. But in order to do that, they needed to find a worry-free way to manage them.

                    CLAL: Building bridges to insurance partners

It has been a bumpy road for insurance companies in recent years. But they have navigated them by being able to find powerful external partners which they connect to seamless through a single, unified integration platform.

                    U.S. Army: Winning enterprise architecture battles

"This we'll defend" has been a motto of the U.S. Army for more than 200 years, and this will be no exception, taking true ownership of the business system portfolio responsible for their operations -- all through ARIS. Read how they achieved transparency and efficiency throughout.

                    Weifu: Keeping cars running with process automation

As a leading manufacturer of fuel injection pumps for diesel engines, it was no secret that process automation was essential to amplifying production of one of China's most prolific mechanical enterprises. Read how ARIS helped them achieve their goals in process management.

                    Australia Post: Lean, mean mail delivery

There's no doubt postal service has to be lean, so why not operational efficiency, too? That was the goal of the Australia Post, needing the key component in ARIS for faster deployment and improved safety compliance. Read more on how the APC reduced risk and improved safety compliance here.

                    Siemens: accelerating process management

Acceleration has been the name of the game for global tech powerhouse Siemens as for more than 170 years, they've been at the top of the enginerring excellence game. When ARIS came in to elevate their excellence, though, with everything a top-tier player would need to excel.

                    GDRFAD: Making Dubai the "Happiest City in the World"

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Dubai (GDRFAD) sought to provide the very best services to the public, wanting to see all their KPIs on one single dashboard. See how they leveraged the power of ARIS and Alfabet to make that possible.

                    Leading European bank: Improving process architecture

Renowned for superior advisement in the European sector of finance, this reputable institution made a name in leveraging strengths in wealth management and investing. The organization took it a step further in employing the use of Alfabet to visualize the application landscape for efficiency, insight, compliance and integration.

                    Georgia-Pacific: More than just paper savings

Moving from legacy systems to modern, cloud-based ones doesn't happen overnight. And in the meantime, Georgia-Pacific found a way to get information and reporting out of its legacy infrastructure so business can go on - even in times of change.

                    Fabick Cat: Constructing a data warehouse 

When Fabick Cat acquired a new dealership, they needed to marry two legacy systems to keep business running - IBM AS/400 and OpenVMS. They turned to CONNX to make the connection and to connect its data.

                    Delaware Courts: Unlocking the mainframe

In a state where there are more legal entities than people, the court system needs to constantly streamline. Their verdict? Use the reliable legacy systems they can trust, but find a way to make them accessible through an integration platform.

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